I have such fond memories of being in the kitchen with my kids when they were little. That’s why I asked Michael  from the WSGW News Dept. if I could share these photos of his daughter Moira helping her mom make breakfast pizzas. He says even though she’s not quite two, she loves cooking, and “pretend” cooking with the kitchen set she got for Christmas this year. Michael says soup is Moira’s favorite food, and will be the main course at her second birthday party in a couple of weeks.

Cooking with kids teaches them so many valuable life lessons!  Besides being able to feed themselves, kids learn planning and patience. They’re introduced to concepts that relate to science and math (measuring, chemical reactions, etc.). Of course, preparing food is a great way to learn about nutrition, and to teach lessons about safety (avoiding hot burners, knives). And if you work outside the home, quality time can be difficult to come by. Cooking together is a great bonding experience that can create wonderful memories to last a lifetime. On Christmas Eve, I always think about cookie baking sessions with my daughter and son when they were small.

So enjoy cooking with your kids while they’re young, and even when they’re older.    –Ann