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Celebrating 54 years of Detroit Tigers Baseball on NewsRadio 790am WSGW!!!

The Detroit Tigers have been a key part of Michigan Baseball for over a hundred years. Since their foundation in 1894 as a part of the Western League the Tigers have won four World Series Titles, and ten American League Championships.

The Tigers play in Comerica Park, and are led by manager A.J. Hinch., who leads the Tigers in 2021

Final 2020 record: 23-35.

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Active Players Include:
Pitchers: #12 Casey Mize, #29 Tarik Skubal, #32 Michael Fulmer, #33 Brian Garcia, #44 Daniel Norris, #45 Buck Farmer, #48 Matthew Boyd, #50 Julio Teheran #51 Rony Garcia, #56 Spencer Turnbull,  #65 Gregory Soto, #62 Jose Urena, #67 Jose Cisnero, #70 Tyler Alexander,

Catchers:  #13 Eric Haase, #17 Grayson Greiner, #34 Jake Rodgers,

Infielders:  #8 Jonathan Schoop, #9 Willie Castro, #24 Miguel Cabrera, #28 Nico Goodrum, #30 Harold Castro, #46 Jeimer Candelario

Outfielders:   #8 Robbie Grossman, #22 Victory Reyes #41 Daz Cameron, #54 Derek Hill, #60 Akil Baddoo



April (8-19)

Thursday, April 1 vs. Cleveland–(W–3-2)

Saturday, April 3 vs. Cleveland–(W–5-2)

Sunday, April 4 vs. Cleveland–(L–3-9)

Monday, April 5 vs. Minnesota–(L–6-15)

Tuesday, April 6 vs. Minnesota–(W–4-3–10inns…Baddoo walk-off RBI Single)

Wed, April 7 vs. Minnesota–(L–2-3)

Friday, April 9 vs. Cleveland–(L–1-4)

Saturday, April 10 vs. Cleveland–(L–3-11)

Sunday, April 11 vs. Cleveland–(L–2-5)

Monday, April 12 at Houston–(W–6-2–Casey Mize 1st Career Win!)

Tuesday, April 13 at Houston–(W–8-2–Ramos hits 2 Homers)

Wed., April 14 at Houston–(W–6-4–Sweep Astros!)

Thursday, April 15 at Oakland–(L–4-8–Tigers walk 12 batters!)

Friday, April 16 at Oakland–(L–0-3)

Saturday, April 17 at Oakland–(L–0-7)

Sunday, April 18 at Oakland–(L–2-3–Boyd: 7.1 innings, 1 earned run, 1 walk, 5 K’s.)

Wed, April 21 vs. Pittsburgh– (L–2-3, W–5-2, Schoop hits 1st HR)

Thursday, April 22 vs. Pittsburgh–(L–2-4)

Friday, April 23 vs. Kansas City–(L–2-6)

Saturday, April 24 vs. Kansas City–(L–2-1)

Sunday, April 25 vs. Kansas City–(L–0-4)

Monday, April 26 vs. Kansas City–(L–2-3)

Tuesday, April 27 at ChiSox–(W–5-2Urena gets 1st win as Tiger)

Wed., April 28 at ChiSox–RAINOUT

Thursday, April 29 at ChiSox–Back-to-Back Doubleheader (L–1-3) (L–0-11)

Friday, April 30 at Yankees–(L–0-10)

May (14-13)

Saturday, May 1 at Yankees–(L–4-6)

Sunday, May 2 at Yankees–(L–0-2 Urena retires 17 straight for Tigs)

Tuesday, May 4 at Boston–(L–7–11)

Wed., May 5 at Boston–(W–6-5–Fulmer earns first career save)

Thursday, May 6 at Boston–(L–9-12)

Friday, May 7 vs. Minnesota–(L–3-7–Cabrera passes Babe Ruth on all-time hit list)

Saturday, May 8 vs. Minnesota–(W–7-3–5-run 7th)

Sunday, May 9 vs. Minnesota–(Rainout–Make-up on July 16th)

Tuesday, May 11 vs. Kansas City–(W–8-7–Grossman Walk-off Single)

Wed., May 12 vs. Kansas City–(W–4-2)

Thursday, May 13 vs. Kansas City–(W–4-3–Tigers Sweep Royals!)

Friday, May 14 vs. Chi Cubs–(L–2-4)

Saturday, May 15 vs. Chi Cubs–(W–9-8–H. Castro Walk-Off Single!)

Sunday, May 16 vs. Chi Cubs–(L–1-5)

Monday, May 17 at Seattle–(W–4-1–Mize 7.2 innings, 1 run, 3 hits, 7K’s)

Tuesday, May 18 at Seattle–(W–5-0–Turnbull No Hitter!)

Wed., May 19 at Seattle–(W–6-2–H. Castro get 3 hits.3RBIs; Tigers Sweep Mariners!)

Friday, May 21 at Kansas City–(W–7-5–Cabrera Grand Slam!)

Saturday, May 22 at Kansas City–(L–5-7)

Sunday, May 23 at Kansas City–(L–2-3–Fulmer Blown Save)

Monday, May 24 vs. Cleveland–(L–5-6)

Tuesday, May 25 vs. Cleveland–(L–1-4)

Wed., May 26 vs. Cleveland–(W–1-0–Grossman Sacrifice RBI Fly in 8th)

Thursday, May 27 vs. Cleveland–(L–2-5–Tigers Strikeout 15 times!)

Friday–May 28 vs. Yankees–(W–3-2–Grossman Walk-Off HR in 10th inning!)

Saturday, May 29 vs. Yankees–(W–6-1–Turnbull gets win)

Sunday, May 30 vs. Yankees–(W–6-2–Skubal K’s 8; W.Castro records 3RBI’s as Tigers Sweep Yanks!)

Monday, May 31 at Milwaukee–(L–2-3 in 10 innings)

June (14-13)

Tuesday, June 1 at Milwaukee–(W–10-7–Schoop & Haase each hit 2 HRs!)

Thursday, June 3 at ChiSox–(L–1-4–Mize: 3 Runs, Five Hits, 6K’s in the loss)

Friday, June 4 at ChiSox–(L–8-9–Tigers erase 7-2 deficit, but fall in 9th)

Saturday, June 5 at ChiSox–(W–4-3–Haase 2 HRs while Skubal records 11 K’s)

Sunday, June 6 at ChiSox–(L–0-3–Tigers strikeout 14 times)

Tuesday, June 8 vs. Seattle–(W–5-3–Boyd gets first win since late April; Haase hits #8)

Wed., June 9 vs. Seattle–(L–6-9–Isaac Paredes robbed of game-winning walk-off HR by Seattle’s Fraley)

Thursday, June 10 vs. Seattle–(W–8-3–Schoop, Grossman, Rogers homer)

Friday, June 11 vs. ChiSox–(L–4-5, 10 innings–Daz Cameron Hit Game-Tying HR in 9th)

Saturday, June 12 vs. ChiSox–(L–2-13–Not much to write here)

Sunday, June 13 vs. ChiSox–(L–1-4–Tigers one-hit by Rodon)

Monday, June 14 at Kansas City–(W–10-3–Grossman, Goodrum, and W. Castro Homer)

Tuesday, June 15 at Kansas City–(W–4-3–Casey Mize with another win)

Wed., June 16 at Kansas City–(W–6-5–Skubal wins another; Tigers Sweep Royals!!!)

Thursday, June 17 at L.A. Angels–(L–5-7, Manning 1st career start)

Friday, June 18 at L.A. Angels–(L–3-11)

Saturday, June 19 at L.A. Angels–(L–3-8)

Sunday, June 20 at L.A. Angels–(W–5-2, 10 innings–Cameron 2-run Single in 10th)

Tuesday, June 22 vs. St. Louis–(W–8-2–Rogers gets 2-run double & rbi triple!)

Wed., June 23 at St. Louis–(W–6-2–Schoop HR & 2-Run Double; Manning 1st major league win)

Thursday, June 24 vs. Houston–(L–3-12)

Saturday, June 26 vs. Houston–(W–3-1–Short 1st career HR)

Saturday, June 26 vs. Houston–(L–2-3–Fulmer gives-up two HR’s)

Sunday, June 27 vs. Houston–(W–2-1–Grossman walk-off bunt!)

Monday, June 28 at Cleveland–(L–5-13–Cleveland racks-up 19 hits)

Wed., June 30 at Cleveland–(W–9-4–Schoop & H. Castro record 3 RBIs)

Wed., June 30 at Cleveland–(W–7-1–Peralta gets win on mound; Cabrera hits HR  #494)

July (14-12)

Friday, July 2 vs. ChiSox–(L–2-8)

Saturday, July 3 vs. ChiSox–(W–11-5–Hasse Inside The Park 3-Run HR & 3-Run HR)

Sunday, July 4 vs. ChiSox–(W–6-5–Tigers take 2 of 3 against ChiSox)

Monday, July 5 at Texas–(W–7-3–Peralta pitches 7 scoreless innings on 3 hits)

Tuesday, July 6 at Texas–(L–5-10–Former Tiger Hicks homers and hits RBI double)

Wed., July 7 at Texas–(W–5-3–Soto earns two-inning save to get series win)

Thursday, July 8 at Minnesota–(L–3-5–Haase hits 13th HR in loss)

Friday, July 9 at Minnesota–(L–2-4–Grossman hits 12th Homer of Year–Career High)

Saturday, July 10 at Minnesota–(L–4-9–Tigers Blow early 4-0 lead)

Sunday, July 11 at Minnesota–(L–9-12–Jake Rodgers 1st Career Grand Slam in loss)

All-Star Break

Saturday, July 17 vs. Minnesota–(W–1-0–Grossman Lead-Off HR) (W–5-4–Cabrera Walk-Off RBI Single)

Sunday, July 18 vs. Minnesota–(W–7-0–Peralta 7 innings of shutout ball; Schoop & Candelario each hit 2-Run Homers! Tigers Sweep Twins!)

Monday, July 19 vs. Texas–(W–14-0–Cabrera 2-hits & 5RBIs!)

Tuesday, July 20 vs. Texas–(W–4-1–Skubal: 6 innings, 1 run, 4 hits, 4K’s.)

Wed., July 21 vs. Texas–(W–4-2–Manning wins second career start; Tigs win 6 straight!)

Thursday, July 22 vs. Texas–(W–7-5–Eric Haas hits 3-Run HR; Tigs win 7 straight!)

Friday, July 23 at Kansas City–(L–3-5–Peralta gives up 5 runs as win streak is snapped)

Saturday, July 24 at Kansas City–(L–8-9–Baddoo & Candelario Homer in loss)

Sunday, July 25 at Kansas City–(L–1-6–Tigers lose seven straight on the road)

Monday, July 26 at Minnesota–(L–8-9–Grossman’s Game-Tying HR in 9th Not Enough; Tigs lose 8 straight on road)

Tuesday, July 27 at Minnesota–(W–6-5–Haase Hits Game-Tying Grand Slam in 9th; Tigs break road losing skid)

Wed., July 28 at Minnesota–(W–17-14–First Team To Win Game Without Recording a Homer while giving-up 7 Homers)

Thursday, July 29 vs Baltimore–(W–6-2–Cabrera 2 HRs–#496 & #497)

Friday, July 30 vs Baltimore–(L–3-4–W. Castro costly error leads to loss)

Saturday, July 31 vs Baltimore–(L–2-5)


Sunday, August 1 vs Baltimore–(W–6-2–Haase two-run double)

Tuesday, August 3 vs. Boston–(W–4-2–Baddoo tie-breaking RBI Double; Cabrera Hits Career HR #498)

Wed., August 4 vs. Boston–(L–1-4–Tigers Strikeout 18 Times!!!)

Thursday, August 5 vs. Boston–(W–8-1–Reyes 2 Triples-3RBI’s)

Friday, August 6 at Cleveland–(L–1-6–Manning gives up six runs)

Saturday, August 7 at Cleveland–(W–2-1–Baddoo RBI Single)

Sunday, August 8 at Cleveland–(L–5-7–Derek Hill 1st Major League HR in loss)

Tuesday, August 10 at Baltimore–(W–9-4–W.Castro RBI-Triple & RBI-Double)

Wed., August 11 at Baltimore–(W–5-2–Cabrera Hits HR #499)

Thursday, August 12 at Baltimore–(W–6-4–Reyes & Nunez Hit 2-Run HRs as Tigs sweep O’s!)

Friday, August 13 vs. Cleveland–(L–4-7–Haase & Nunez each homer in loss)

Saturday, August 14 vs. Cleveland–(W–6-4–Candelario 2-Run HR; Haase tie-breaking 2-run single in 8th)

Sunday, August 15 vs. Cleveland–(L–0-11–H. Castro breaks-up Ian McKenzie’s perfect game bid in 8th.)

Tuesday, August 17 vs. L.A. Angels–(L–2-8–Soto gives up grand slam in 8th)

Wed., August 18 vs. L.A. Angels–(L–1-3–Ohtani allows one run while hitting 40th HR for Angels)

Thursday, August 19 vs. L.A. Angels–(L–10-13–Tigers blow 10-2 lead!)

Friday, August 20 at Toronto–(W–4-1–10 innings–H.Castro RBI Single in 10th)

Saturday, August 21 at Toronto–(L–0-3)

Sunday, August 22 at Toronto–(W–5-3 in 11 innings; Miguel Cabrera 500 Career HRs!)

Tuesday, August 24 at St. Louis–(W–4-3–Grossman-Cabrera back-to-back homers; Mize 5 scoreless)

Wed., August 25 at St. Louis–(L–2-3-10 innings–Skubal 10K’s)

Friday, August 27 vs. Toronto–(W–2-1–Reyes Inside-The-Park HR)

Saturday, August 28 vs. Toronto–(L–Eric Haase RBI in loss)

Sunday, August 29 vs. Toronto–(L–1-2–Berros K’s 11 Tigers)

Monday, August 30 vs. Minnesota–(L–2-3–Mize 3 runs, 4ks in loss)

Tuesday, August 31 vs. Oakland–(L–3-9–Skubal allows 6 runs; sets Tigers rookie record for K’s.)


Wed., September 1 vs. Oakland–(W–8-6–Cabrera HR #502, 3 RBI’s)

Thursday, September 2 vs. Oakland–(L–6-8–Candelario 3-Run HR & Baddoo 2-Run Homer in loss)

Friday, September 3 at Cincinnati–(W–15-5–Cadelario two doubles & a solo Shot; Tigs total 18 hits)

Saturday, September 4 at Cincinnati–(L–4-7–Haase 3-run homer)

Sunday, September 5 at Cincinnati–(W–4-1–Candelario two-hits, two RBIs)

Monday, September 6 at Pittsburgh–(L–3-6–Pirates tag Funkhowser for 4 runs in 7th)

Tuesday, September 7 at Pittsburgh–(L–2-3–Cabrera gets three hits in loss. 35 away from 3000.)

Wednesday, September 8 at Pittsburgh–(W–5-1–Cabrera & Grossman each tally four hits in victory!)

Friday, September 10 vs Tampa Bay–(W–7-4–Schoop Grand Slam!)

Saturday, September 11 vs. Tampa Bay–(L–2-7–Tigers only get three hits)

Sunday, September 12 vs. Tampa Bay–(W–8-7–11 innings; Grossman bases-loaded walk wins game)

Tuesday, September 14 vs. Milwaukee–(W–2-1–Hill Walk-Off RBI Double in 11th inning!)

Wed., September 15 vs. Milwaukee–(W–4-1–Garneau HR, 2RBIs as Tigs sweep Brewers! Manning: 6 innings, 1 run, 2 hits, 6Ks)

Thursday, September 16 at Tampa Bay–(L–2-5–Goodrum & Candelario Solo Shots in Loss)

Friday, September 17 at Tampa Bay–6:50pm

Saturday, September 18 at Tampa Bay–3:50pm

Sunday, September 19 at Tampa Bay–12:50pm

Monday, September 20 vs. ChiSox–6:20pm

Tuesday, September 21 vs. ChiSox–6:20pm

Wed., September 22 vs. ChiSox–12:50pm

Friday, September 24 vs. Kansas City–6:50pm

Saturday, September 25 vs. Kansas City–5:50pm

Sunday, September 26 vs. Kansas City–12:50pm

Tuesday, September 28 at Minnesota–7:20pm

Wed., September 29 at Minnesota–7:20pm

Thursday, September 30 at Minnesota–7:20pm

Friday, October 1 at ChiSox–7:50pm

Saturday, October 2 at ChiSox–6:50pm

Sunday, October 3 at ChiSox–2:50pm

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