Teens in Saginaw Township Gun Store Theft May Get Lenient Sentence

Three men may receive lenient sentences after pleading guilty to numerous felonies related to a theft of guns from a Saginaw Township gun store in 2019.

18-year-old Remy Delgado, 18-year-old Preston O’Leary and 19-year-old Travontis Miller each pleaded guilty to 15 counts of breaking and entering, larceny and other felonies involving theft and firearms. 49 guns were stolen from the Showtime Guns and Ammo in August 2019. Police have been able to track down only a handful of the weapons, some of which have been used in the commission of crimes, including murder.

Due to the ages of the men at the time of the crime, Judge Andre Borello may apply the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, which allows a judge to place a defendant between the ages of 17 and 24 in jail or on probation without a conviction. If the defendant successfully completes the terms of the judge’s sentence, he or she avoids having a criminal record. The prosecution in the case is opposed to the move.

The defendants will be sentenced July 28.