Suspects in Tuscola County Truck Theft Identified

Sheriff’s deputies in Tuscola County arrested two Genesee County men allegedly involved a stolen vehicle incident Monday, April 13.

Police say a pickup truck was stolen from a homeowner’s driveway in Indianfields Township around 4:00 a.m. A Caro police officer saw the truck west of the city. However, the lone suspect in the vehicle jumped from it while it was still moving and fled the scene on foot. The truck came to rest against a shed. The suspect was discovered about a mile away and was arrested.

The second suspect was arrested after a report of a suspicious vehicle was seen in the area where the truck had been stolen. The men are identified as 37-year-old Richard Welch of Flint and 35-year-old Zachary Cross of Flushing. They’re both charged with multiple felonies, including auto theft, conspiracy to commit a crime and violation of an executive order during a state of emergency.