State Police Troopers Rescue Tuscola County Man Suffering a Medical Issue

A man reported missing in Tuscola County Wednesday, May 12 was found and helped by state police troopers from the Caro post.

Police received a missing person call around 11:00 p.m. from the 53-year-old man’s wife, who told them he hadn’t returned to their Kingston Township home from his hunting property. The man was last seen driving from a friend’s home on a tractor through 168 acres back to his vehicle.

Troopers conducted a search of the area and found the man on the ground near the tractor in 35 degree weather. Police say he had been lying in a secluded area for about three hours. The troopers were able to bring the man around, who complained of chest pains. They commandeered a pickup truck to take the man to a waiting ambulance.

While en route, the man lost consciousness, stopped breathing and had no pulse. The troopers resuscitated the man and got him to the ambulance, where he was taken to a local hospital. His condition is currently unknown.