School Districts Compromise COVID-19 Pauses as Parents Push Back

As Michigan is dealing with the largest COVID-19 surge in the country, school districts are returning to remote learning and pausing sporting events and other extracurricular activities. However, many parents aren’t happy with the decision.

In Midland, parents protested the public school district’s decision to do so for two weeks, leading the district to compromise with secondary student athletes and coaches to resume athletics after one week and a COVID test.

A similar compromise was reached in Saginaw Township Schools. The district planned a return to virtual learning and paused athletic activities which went into effect Monday, April 12, but has received pushback from parents. The pause was to last until April 26, but the school board voted Monday to resume outdoor sports on April 17 instead for grades 7-12.

Saginaw Public Schools have gone back to remote learning for the next two weeks also, effective Monday. This affects high school students. Sports activities for grades 6-12 are suspended during this time.

In Bay City public schools, middle and high school students have returned to virtual instruction for this week, though elementary students will remain with in-person instruction. Athletics activities have not been paused in that district. SATs, which were scheduled for April 13, have been postponed to April 27.