Saginaw Fire Department Honors Firefighters in Annual Awards Ceremony

The Saginaw Fire Department recognized the brave men and women who put on the uniform in a special ceremony Tuesday, October 5.

Congressman Dan Kildee presents Derron Suchodolski a flag from the US Capitol (photo by Michael Percha)

The Department also recognized the Firefighter of the Year, Fire Marshall Derron Suchodolski. Suchodolski was recently promoted to Fire Marshall and has been serving the department and the city of Saginaw for 23 years.

Suchodolski says his new role can be a bit overwhelming, but he has plenty of support.

“I spent a lot of time on an engine company. So now I’m in an office aspect of it. But I am partnering with people in the community, such as the ATF and the State Police for fire investigations.”

Congressman Dan Kildee as in attendance, along with local elected officials and city administrators. Kildee, whose grandfather was a fire chief, calls it an honor to be invited.

“It’s a chance to recognize, really, the best of public service, people who serve in fire departments, other first responders. They put their lives at risk in order to protect us… it’s a real honor.”

Kildee presented Suchodolski a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol to commemorate his achievements.

Here is a list of recipients of awards presented:

Saginaw Fire Department Certificate of Merit Awards: Cody Beaver, firefighter; Lt. Raymond Tanner

Saginaw Fire Department Distinguished Service Awards: Justin Kelly, firefighter; Matthew Koch, engineer; Brandon Mulvaney, firefighter

Saginaw Fire Department Unit Citation Awards: Lt. Shaun Beauch; Sara Cottington-Heath, engineer; August Elias IV, engineer; Capt. Aileen Pettinger; Fire Chief Thomas Raines; Lt. Raymond Tanner; Marcus Wright II, firefighter

Saginaw Fire Department Life Saving Awards: Michael Campbell, engineer; Eric Dlugoss, firefighter; Shaun Girard, engineer; Gary McDonald, engineer Chris Perez, firefighter; John Pilling, firefighter; Fire Marshal Derron Suchodolski

25 Years of Service Award: Battalion Chief James Fourman

20 Years of Service Award: Capt. William McCarthy

15 Years of Service Awards: Capt. Tate Jarczewski; Gary McDonald, engineer; Lt. Raymond Tanner

5 Years of Service Award: John Pilling, firefighter

Chief’s Special Recognition Awards: Sgt. Jeff Hoyt, of the Michigan state police; Special Agent Gregory Lotoczky, of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Saginaw Fire Department Civilian Certificate of Merit Award: Hunter Greene

Saginaw Fire Department Civilian Certificate Meritorious Service Awards: Evan Hill Jr.; Jamison Keating-Ehlers; Chris Gnagi; Nathaniel Jones