Midland Police Remind Residents to Follow COVID-19 Guidelines at Plymouth Park Fun Zone

The Midland Police Department is urging the public to follow COVID-19 executive orders at the Plymouth Park Fun Zone after numerous complaints about large crowds and other violations. Residents are being encouraged to avoid the Plymouth Park Fun Zone if large crowds are present and instead visit another of Midland’s 72 parks. A map of all city parks can be found on the city’s website:


Residents being are asked to observe the following guidelines in accordance with current executive orders from the Governor’s office, the Centers for Disease Control and Michigan department of Health and Human Services at all times:

-Limit social gatherings to no more than ten people

-Public events and gatherings are limited to nor more than 100 people

-Keep at least six fee of distance between yourself and people outside of your household

-Wear a mask or facial covering any time proper social distancing measures cannot be followed

-Wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer after touching common surfaces

-Avoid touching your face

Midland Police are increasing patrols in the Plymouth Park area to ensure guidelines are being followed. The city said it may close the park to the public until executive orders are lifted if violations continue.