Delta College Professor Completes Mural Representing Sanford’s Resilience After 2020 Flood

Delta College Associate Professor of Art, Andrew Rieder, has created a mural in downtown Sanford, showing the community’s s heritage, spirit, strength and resilience, as the town continues to recover from damage caused by flooding from two dam failures in 2020.

The 16-by-72-foot mural, titled “Shine-On Sanford,” was done over the course of a year, and is located at 335 W Saginaw Rd. It took 200 hours to complete.

“I am extremely proud of the final product,” Rieder said. “The process gave me a renewed sense of artistic and professional purpose.”

Andrew Rieder (source: Delta College)

Reider began the project in June 2021, when Delta Trustee and Sanford resident Stacey Gannon approached him with the idea. He said it was a tremendous opportunity and learning experience.

“I had never painted a mural on site before or painted an image on cinderblock or worked on scaffolding,” Reider said. “The whole experience was a good reminder that the foundational principles of art and design that I teach in the classroom are applicable in all visually creative endeavors.”

source: Delta College