City of Saginaw Issues “Notice to Vacate” for Apartment Complex

Residents of a Saginaw Apartment Complex have been told they have to move out due to ongoing safety and code enforcement concerns. The City of Saginaw has issued an “Order to Vacate” at White Deer Apartments, 1800 Beacon Drive. The city said the notice, dated July 16, was because of the property management’s failure to comply with multiple prior orders to correct several safety violations.

The city said Inspections and Neighborhood Services Director John Stemple and his code enforcement team have notified the owner and property manager of the required repairs on numerous occasions with little to no response. They said the property has been a concern for several years. A city enforcement team recently inspected the rental properties and identified several extreme hazards and various safety issues at the property, including construction and electrical problems, water damage, and significant fire hazards.

The city said multiple violation notices were sent that clearly indicated the necessary repairs, the timeline for completion, as well as the consequences if the repairs are not made.

“We realize that this is a difficult time to relocate; however, for the health and well-being of these residents, they must vacate as soon as possible before a tragedy occurs. The residents and their families are at serious risk by staying here,” Stemple said. ”Safe and affordable housing in our city is important, but the conditions in this case are unacceptable. Our code enforcement standards are in place to protect our residents, and we expect all rental properties to meet that standard.”

Residents from the White Deer Apartments have been instructed to contact 2-1-1 to receive Rapid Rehousing Assistance or assistance from the Homeless Prevention Services Program. Funds for security deposits, utility deposits and rent may be available for families who are at risk of becoming or have just become homeless. The United Way of Saginaw County is working with other community partners to develop alternative solutions for those who do not qualify or need additional assistance.

City staff, members of the Community Development Block Grant team, Saginaw Community Action Center, State Representative Vanessa Guerra, Mayor Floyd Kloc and the United Way were on site Thursday afternoon and available to meet with the tenants of the apartments and offer advice and assistance.

Stemple commented on the efforts, “While this is a very difficult time for the residents, today shows how the people of Saginaw pull together to help one another in times of need. I was very proud of my community today.” Several other community representatives were available to offer assistance including Saginaw County Clerk Michael Hanley, Council Member Jamie Forbes, and members of the Saginaw Police Department.

“Our staff is committed to providing safe quality housing for our residents. When unfortunate situations like this occur, we do all we can to minimize the impact to those who are impacted through no fault of their own.” Stemple said. “Our residents deserve a safe place to call home, and we will continue our efforts to ensure this is the case.”