City of Midland Implements Lawn Sprinkling Ban Until Further Notice

The city of Midland issued the following statement Wednesday, July 8, 2020:

Due to sustained hot, dry conditions and continued strain on the City of Midland’s water supply, the City’s Water Department has implemented an odd/even day lawn sprinkling ban until further notice.

Effective immediately, all City of Midland water customers will be subject to an odd/even day lawn sprinkling ban. Residents may water their lawns on odd-numbered days if their address ends in an odd number and on even-numbered days if their address ends in an even number.

This ban will be in effect until further notice for all City water customers, including the City of Midland, townships, Water District #1, and the City of Auburn.

Property owners with automated sprinkler systems are strongly encouraged to program their systems to operate after 10 p.m. This minimizes evaporation and lessens peak demand on the water system.

Exceptions to the sprinkling ban will be made for new sod or seeded areas. These areas may be watered every day for two weeks to establish root growth.

Residents are asked for their support and cooperation to reduce the strain on the City’s water supply and to ensure that an adequate supply of water is available for public health and safety. Additional measures may be taken if current restrictions prove insufficient.