Bay County Partners With Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy to Manage Vacant Parcels

The Bay County Treasurer’s Office has partnered with the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy (SBLC) to help manage vacant parcels in the City of Bay City. The County manages several vacant parcels where residential or commercial structures have been torn down, and that are unlikely to be developed. Those parcels still must be maintained by county staff and taxpayers.

The Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy has worked on many vacant properties in the City of Saginaw, testing different approaches to managing them, including land cover options that require less maintenance and create habitat for beneficial pollinators like butterflies and bees. Once the vegetation is established, SBLC staff will conduct one to three mowings per year. Signage has been installed to inform residents about the project. The Bay City pilot sites will serve as a test case for how area residents and Bay County staff feel about the plantings. The program could eventually expand to other parcels throughout the city and county.

“By using SBLC’s knowledge and experience to collaborate on the ongoing issue of maintaining vacant land we are creating a win-win solution for our community. This approach allows us to control costs and benefit the environment,” Bay County Treasurer Shawna Walraven stated.