App Shows Saginaw Residents Pay More in Bills Than National Average

According to the developers of an app to help pay bills, Saginaw ranks 7th in Michigan for the average monthly household bills.

The app, called Doxo, accumulated data from 32 Michigan cities and ranked them based on the highest monthly average in bills, which include utilities, health insurance, cable or satellite service and more. Resident’s of Saginaw pay an average of $1,018 per month. The highest ranked city was Escanaba, where the average monthly expenses were $1,161.

Doxo says Saginaw residents pay 9.9 percent more on bills per month than the national average.  26.7 percent of the average household income goes to bills.

Bay City and Midland were also on their list with Bay City ranking 24th and Midland at the number four spot on average bills each month. More information is available here.