WSGW OnLine Poll:    The Year 2021  (results)

(December 30 – January 6)

The Year 2020 will long be remembered as the year of coronavirus. It’s even extending into 2021, but expectations are the world will be better.

What are your personal expectations for 2021? Especially compared to what you experienced in 2020?

Take into consideration your health, your job, your family your friends… whatever.

POLL QUESTION: From your personal perspective, how do you think 2021 be for You?
All the bad of 2020 will continue to make 2021 a bad year –  14%
2020 was bad in ways, but also good in ways, so I’m hoping for at least the same in 2021 –  52%
I was forturnate 2020 was a good year and I expect 2021 will be better –  19%
2020 was so bad, that no matter what happens in 2021, it will be an improvement –  15%