WSGW OnLine Poll:   The Parents of the Oxford School Shooter  (results)

(March 2 – 9)

A new development in the case of the Oxford School shooting is the parents of the accused teenager, James and Jennifer Crumbley, being ordered to stand trial facing involuntary manslaughter chargers.

Prosecutors argue the parents were distracted and unconcerned as their son’s disturbing behavior escalted, then purchased their son a handgun as a Christmas gift which he used in the shooting tragedy.

Defense attorneys counter the son conveyed in text messages to friends he was trying to hide his troubles from his parents, and furthermore the couple could never have predicted their son would commit a mass shooting.

POLL QUESTION: Based on what you have heard, read, and seen regarding the Oxford School shooting, should the parents of the accused teen face involuntary manslaughter charges?
Yes – 72%
No – 17%
I’m Not Sure – 11%