WSGW OnLine Poll:  Speed Cameras in Work Zones  (results)

(April 5 – 12)

WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU: Speed Cameras in Work Zones

Two bills in the Michigan House have been reintroduced to allow cameras in constructions zones to catch speeders. Previous attemps did not pass.

Under the proposed bills, a driver caught on camera going 10 mph or more over the speed limit would first get a written violation. If a driver is caught a second time within a three-year period, a $150 fine will be coming their way. A third time within three years and the fine would jump to $300.

At least 10 states do this. Eight other states have banned speed cameras.

In Michigan in 2021, there were nearly 6,000 work zone crashes, with 20 deaths and 1500 injuries.

WSGW POLL QUESTION FOR YOU: Should Michigan allow cameras to catch speeders in construction zones?
Yes – 47.5%
No – 50.5%
I’m Not Sure – 2%