WSGW OnLine Poll:   Self-Checkout Crime  (results)

(February 21 – 28, 2024)

According to a Lending Tree survey of 2000 U.S. Consumers, 15% have stolen an item at a self-checkout. Of those, 60% feel remorseful, 33% have been caught, BUT 44% say they will do it again.

Another 21% admit to accidentally taking an item and 61% of those kept the item anyway.

A number of stores are reducing self-checkout lanes overall, or limiting items, or double-checking shoppers before they leave the store.

WSGW OnLine Poll Question for YOU: Have you ever stolen an item in a self-checkout lane and would you do it again, or have you ever accidentally taken an item and kept it anyway?
I have stolen an item and will do it again – 1%
I have stolen an item, but will not do it again – 4%
I have accidentally taken an item and kept it – 10%
I have accidentally taken an item, but returned it – 10%
I have never stolen or accidentally taken an item – 75%