(August 14 – August 21)


A new school is year is about to begin.

In Flint public schools, school actually started August 7 and will end June 18. Flint is the largest urban district in Michigan to have a balanced school calendar featuring six breaks – “intersessions” – throughout the year.

Intersessions could be used for further instruction to help students further master material and support moving to higher levels of learning.

This method is designed to keep children academically engaged and let the teachers recharge.

In the state, 192 of 900 school districts have approval to use a balanced calendar in some form.

PREVIOUS POLL: What do you think about a balanced school calendar?
I think it’s an interesting idea and more schools should try it –  61%
I think the traditional school calendar is fine and should not be switched –  30%
I’m Not Sure –  9%