WSGW OnLine Poll:   Russia-Ukraine, and Athletes/Entertainers Banned  (results)

(June 22 -29, 2022)

As Russia’s war against Ukraine continues, sanctions and boycotts targeting the country continue.

There is also the aspect of Russian athletes and entertainers banned from competing and performing in world wide sports and events.

Wimbledon will not allow athletes to play, though U.S. Open tennis will. Any Russian players in the NHL will not be allowed to bring the Stanley Cup to the country.

Some supporters of this action say it’s appropriate especially if these individuals do not denounce Vladimir Putin. Various Russians affected say they can’t speak out in fear of endangering families living in Russia.

POLL QUESTION: Should Russian athletes/entertainers be banned from competitions and events around the world because of the war in Ukraine?
Yes, no matter what the circumstances – 48%
Yes, unless the person speaks out against the war – 11%
No, do not take action against individual athletes/entertainers – 39%
I’m Not Sure – 2%