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WSGW OnLine Poll: Presidential Election Results 2020 (results)

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(November  4 Р11)

The official Election Day is now over. Eventually, all votes will be counted.

Recounts are always a possibility. Legal action might be part of this election cycle, too.

In the end, as a Trump or Biden supporter, when members of the Electoral College cast their votes in December and then are announced in January, will that be the end for you?

POLL QUESTION: At this time, do you expect you will trust the 2020 vote for president to be accurate?
As a Trump supporter, I say Yes – 10%
As a Trump supporter, I say No – 60%
As a Biden supporter, I say Yes – 5%
As a Biden supporter, I say No – 0%
I support neither, but say Yes – 3%
I support neither, and say No – 22%

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