WSGW OnLine Poll:   Powerball and Mega Millions  (results)

(July 14 – 21)

Starting next month the multi-state Powerball, in which Michigan participates, will add a third weekly drawing. Administrators hope it leads to more sales and increased jackpots.

Stores selling tickets are offering a mixed reaction. There is concern people will spend more on the lottery and less on store purchases. Some say people will be in stores more to buy tickets and will probably spend extra on other items.

Reports suggest it would not be a surprise if the Michigan Mega Millions game, right now twice a week, is adds a third weekly drawing as well.

POLL QUESTION: What is your take on the Powerball and Mega Millions games and possibly increasing another drawing per week?
I play regularly and I will increase my play, too –  3%
I play regularly, but I won’t increase my play –  5%
I play when I feel like it, so more drawings don’t matter to me –  31%
I do not play so I don’t care –  61%