May 8 – 15, 2019

Several Republican sponsored bills are pending in the state House regarding gun legislation. One of the bills would allow citizens to carry concealed firearms without permission from the state.   Another bill would allow concealed pistol license holders to enter gun-free zones.

Currently, CPL’s can be acquired by legal residents at least 21, with a safety course, and passing a background check.

If the bill passed, no permit would be necessary to carry a concealed pistol or hunting knife for that matter. That bill is tie-barred with another to offer a person to be a licensed holder and that would allow carrying a concealed pistol into gun-free zones such as churches, schools, bars, etc.

The Michigan State Police are opposed to eliminating the requirement for a concealed permit.

POLL RESULTS:   Do you agree or disagree that Michigan should allow carrying concealed firearms without permission and if a person chose to be licensed, that would allow carrying into gun free zones?
I agree – 74%
I disagree – 24%
I’m Not Sure – 1%