(September 11 – 18)

In an attempt to help stop youth vaping, Governor Whitmer has directed the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to use emergency rules to make Michigan the first state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarette products. Rules will also prohibit marketing products using terms such as “clean”, “safe”, and “healthy”. Michigan law gives the health department the power to issue emergency rules to protect public health.

Health advocates are praising the ban. Industry groups argue the rules will force some retailers out of business.

The Republican Senate majority leader says the governor is within her authority to enact emergency rules. But, another Republican who chairs a committee that reviews administrative rules, believes the governor is usurping the rulemaking process because there is no state emergency, claiming the governor can’t just outlaw bad habits.

POLL QUESTION: Do you support or oppose Governor Whitmer’s ban on selling flavored e-cigarette products?
I support the governor using emergency rules – 28%
I support the governor, but don’t believe she should have used emergency rules – 22%
I don’t support the governor – 50%
I’m not sure – 0%