WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU:   Detroit Tigers Baseball 2023 Prediction  (results)

(March 22 – 29)

WSGW OnLine Poll: Detroit Tigers Baseball 2023 Prediction

For the 56th year, WSGW is Your Home for the Tigers! What are we going to hear this year?

Last year was disappointing in many ways. Key regular players fell far short of expectations. Numerous injuries, especially to the starting pitching, took a toll.

Heading into this season, there were no big free agent signings or trades. The Tigers are counting on players to perform up to their capabilities and stay healthy. Perhaps Miguel Cabrera will offer a spark in his final season.

PREVIOUS POLL QUESTION: How do you predict the Tigers will play in 2023?
Finish below .500 – 56%
Finish at .500 or better (no playoffs) – 39%
Make the playoffs – 5%