WSGW OnLine Poll:   Detroit Tigers in 2020  (results)

(July 15 – 22)

For as long as we have had the WSGW OnLine Poll, every baseball season we’ve had some fun offering fans a chance to predict how the Tigers will finish, and since the season starts July 24…

When this was going to be a “normal” season, the Tigers were predicted by experts to perhaps improve over a dismal 47 win 2019 season, but not getting close to a playoff berth.

Now, with a short 60 game season, virtually all experts still don’t envision the Tigers in the playoffs, but a few leave open the possibility that any team, including the Tigers, if it gets on a hot streak, anything is possible.

Plus, you factor in injures, or players diagnosed with Covid, or opting out, and other teams may find it tough going through 60 games.

POLL QUESTION: How will the Tigers finish the 60 game 2020 season?
Below .500 –  24%
.500 or better but no playoffs –  7%
Make the playoffs –  5%
I don’t care –  64%