WSGW OnLine Poll:     College Athletes Unionize  (results)

(August 16 – 23)

WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU: College Athletes Unionize

A bill introduced within a larger bill in the Michigan House by a Democratic lawmaker would allow athletes at public universities to be designated as “public employees” with the possibility to unionize.

This would reverse a 2014 law excluding athletes from the definition of “public employee”.

Even though some athletes can now earn money from name/image/likeness contracts, the lawmaker says most will not. Plus, negotiations could include working conditions and practice frequency.

Republicans say the bill is a slippery slope failing to recognize the amateur aspect of college sports and most athletes are reimbursed through scholarships.

POLL QUESTION: Should athletes in Michigan colleges and universities be allowed to unionize?
Yes –  16%
No –  84%
I’m Not Sure – 0%