WSGW OnLine Poll:   Banning TikTok  (results)

(March 8 – 15)

WSGW OnLine Poll: Banning TikTok

Citing national security concerns, the U.S. Government has banned the use of TikTok on federal devices. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is Chinese owned.

U.S. officials are concerned the China government could access personal data. TikTok executives say the Chinese government hasn’t asked for such data and the company wouldn’t share information anyway.

There is also talk of completely banning TikTok in the country. Earlier this year, the “No TikTok on United States Devices Act” was introduced in the House. A new bipartisan bill is being introduced to empower the Secretary of Commerce to take action.

The CEO of Tiktok is set to testify at a House committee hearing on March 23.

POLL QUESTION: What do You think about banning TikTok?
It should be banned from government devices, but still available to the rest of the country – 11%
It should be completely banned and not available in the country – 82%
I don’t think it should be banned at all – 5%
I’m Not Sure – 2%