WSGW OnLine Poll:   America’s Governmental Powers  (results)

(June 29 – July 6)

This year we celebrate the 246th birthday of these United States and the 235th of our Constitution.

Our government structure of three branches using a system of checks and balances to ensure no entity has total power continues to be tested, but survives.

But, is one branch more powerful than another? Some say it’s the Executive Branch with the ability of the president to issue executive orders, pardons, and vetoes.   Some say it’s the Legislative Branch with the ability to write laws, approve appointments, and impeach. Some say it’s the Judicial Branch simply based on lifetime appointments.

POLL QUESTION: What branch of government do you believe is the most powerful?
Executive – 39%
Legislative – 18%
Judicial – 21%
I Believe All are Equal – 18%
I’m Not Sure – 4%