WSGW Morning Team Show:   May 3, 2021  (Monday)

It’s the WSGW Monday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..



Starting Today, We Want to See Your Classic Car Pictures!








Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Our Tigers are making us look forward to the Lions season already (runs 7:07)…..










Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     It’s predicted there will be a shortage of a product you may need this summer for your fun and relaxation (runs 4:51)…..








Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     The Kentucky Derby was Saturday (runs 4:02)…..










No, this is not a COVID violation of a person eating in a restaurant illegally

Police find reported COVID-19 violation was a mannequin






Twins with Brainpower, Receiving over $1 Million in Scholarships and Acceptance to 15 Colleges

Twins accepted to 15 colleges, earn $1.53M in scholarships









The WSGW Morning Team Show Is Sponsored by…..

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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Kajagoogoo “Too Shy“.   It’s a “One Hit Wonder Monday” song!   For our purposes, defined as a singer or group known for only one song to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 40.   Or, even if a second song is on the chart, it is overwhelmed and generally forgotten because of the success of the “One Hit Wonder”.   In 1983, this British band found success in the U.S. and around the world with this one hit wonder song.



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