It’s the start of the Final Week in March on the WSGW Monday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..



Today starts the Five Week “Spring Green” Cash Contest!




After the 6:30 news, Charlie and Dave and Pat could not ignore the biggest, most talked about news from the weekend, Michigan and Michigan State both in the Sweet Sixteen, plus references to Tigers Opening Day and Saginaw Spirit Playoffs (runs 5:48)…..




After the 7:30 news, Charlie and Dave and Pat have observations on the Muller Report (runs 6:54)…..





From UPI – A Website Offering a $1,000 “Dream Job” to Watch all 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies in a Row

Website offers $1,000 to binge 20 Marvel movies




For Seniors, the daily itinerary is now breakfast, bingo, and a bag!

LAGUNA WOODS, Calif. (AP) – As legal cannabis has spread to dozens of states, more Americans in their 70s and 80s are adding marijuana to the roster of senior activities such as golf and bingo.

Recent studies show that people 65 and over are the fastest-growing segment of cannabis users.   Many of them got high in their youth, but now they are more interested in easing age-related maladies such as arthritis and sleeplessness.

On a recent morning, about 50 seniors boarded a bus at a retirement community in Laguna Woods, California.   Their destination was a local pot shop not far from Disneyland.   They spent hours choosing from a variety of cannabis-infused products, including candies, drinks and weed.

Afterward, they took a break for a little bingo before heading home.





Wake Up Song of the Day:   Elton John “Crocodile Rock”.   He’s 72.

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