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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     A listener believes the word “a@#” was used twice in a matter of minutes on WSGW, and upon further review, yes it was used once, but not twice, did you hear it  (runs 5:11)…..








Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     Kill the toads!!!!!   (runs 5:44)…..








Good News Sports Fans!   Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is On!

Joey Chestnut competes at the 103rd Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, N.Y., on July 4, 2019. File Photo by Steven Ferdman/UPI

Joey Chestnut competes at the 103rd Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, N.Y., on July 4, 2019

File Photo by Steven Ferdman/UPI | License Photo









Coronavirus Cancels Free Slurpee Day at 7-11

7-Eleven traditionally celebrates its birthday July 11 by giving away free Slurpee drinks.







Police in Texas Invite the Owner of Marijuana to Claim It

Package containing 32 bags of marijuana delivered to wrong home









What Police are Handling Around the World (you have to be kidding)…..

Vienna (AFP) – Austrian police fined a man 500 euros for loudly breaking wind after officers stopped him earlier this month to check his identity.

The police defended the massive fine saying he had deliberately emitted a “massive flatulence,” lifting his backside from the bench where he was sitting.   The accused complained of what he called the disproportionate and unjustified fine when he gave his account of the June 5 events on the O24 news website.

In reply to social media commentaries that followed, the police in the Austrian capital justified their reaction on Twitter.

“Of course, nobody is put on the spot if one slips out by accident,” the police said.   However, in this case, the police said, the young man had appeared “provocative and uncooperative” in general.   He then “slightly raised himself from the bench, looked at the officers and patently, in a completely deliberate way, emitted a massive flatulence in their immediate proximity.”

The police said the man can challenge the fine in the legal system.














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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Barry Manilow  “Daybreak“.   Barry is 77 today.



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