WSGW Morning Team Show:   February 27, 2020  (Thursday)

The WSGW Thursday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..







Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     As Tigers baseball spring training broadcasts are underway on WSGW, we know fans are buzzing about some of the young Tigers talent, especially Riley Greene, and we are thankful Ron Gardenhire is his manager, and not Sparky Anderson (we say that with love for Sparky, not disrespect) (runs 5:56)…..






Every Thursday morning after the 7:30am news, Charlie Rood talks with the Voice of our Playoff Bound Saginaw Spirit, Joey Battaino (runs 12:05)…..






Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     The Coronavirus (runs 6:16)…..






Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     What crazy thing is happening with the CMU Football Schedule for the upcoming season (runs 4:30)…..







Pet Snake Swallows an Entire Beach Towel, and here is video proof of its removal…

Pet snake swallows an entire beach towel






Why Can’t This Eagle Fly, at least, For the Moment…..

Reported injured eagle in Tennessee was 'too full to fly'






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Stupid Criminal Story…..

UNDATED (AP) – Some crimes are solved by following a paper trail.   Some are solved by investigators following a money trail. In this case, authorities in Florida made quick work of an investigation into a drug store break-in, by following a trail of pill bottles.

Two men broke into a CVS in Clearwater on New Year’s Day and made off with more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone and
hydrocodone.   As they drove away, the men emptied pills from the bottles and flipped the bottles out the window of the getaway car.   That made it easy for police to track down the suspects.   When the trail of pill bottles ended, they found the suspects and matched them to images on surveillance video.

The two, and a third accomplice, are all under arrest, facing a variety of drug-related charges.





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