WSGW Morning Team:   October 4, 2023  (Wednesday)

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Charlie offers a quick “thank you” for being welcomed at an event last night…..  (runs 1:36)…..





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Charlie and Mike and YOU:     A federal judge has ruled in a couple of fast food lawsuits, and a fast food restaurant introduces a desert item for the first time  (runs 4:26)…..





Charlie and Mike and Art and YOU:     We review the Tigers season predictions made last March, and a Tigers TV broadcaster is out of a job  (runs 5:12)…..








Charlie and Mike and YOU:     An upcoming auction will feature items from the personal collection of C3PO, Anthony Daniels  (runs 3:48)…..







Charlie and Mike and YOU:     Austria has announced how it will use this house where Adolph Hitler was born  (runs 3:38)…..

PHOTO:     AP Photo / Kerstin Joensson, File   (Hitler House)

FILE - An exterior view of Adolf Hitler's birth house, front, in Braunau am Inn, Austria, on Sept. 27, 2012. Work started Monday Oct. 2, 2023 on turning the house where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 into a police station, a project meant to make it unattractive as a site of pilgrimage for people who glorify the Nazi dictator. (AP Photo / Kerstin Joensson, File)





House Fire?     No, Halloween Decor!!!

Firefighters rushed to a house in Glens Falls, New York, after receiving reports of a house fire.   But when they arrived they realized there was no real danger at all.

“Tonight, crews were dispatched to the area of Sanford Street for a report of a confirmed structure fire,” firefighters in Glens Falls wrote on Facebook Saturday.   “To our surprise, this was an amazing Halloween decoration.”

The fire department was so impressed by the display, which gave the appearance of a fire raging out of control inside the home, that they posted video of the house online and encouraged visitors to go see the owners’ handiwork.

Firefighters said the display was made from a pair of LED lights, a box fan, a silver sheet and a fog machine.   The home is flanked by flashing pumpkins that add to the holiday vibes.






Is that a dog behind the wheel?!?!?!

PHOTO:     Polícia Slovenskej republiky/Facebook

Police in Šterusy, Slovakia, shared a traffic camera image that appeared to show a dog behind the wheel of a speeding car. Photo courtesy of Polícia Slovenskej republiky/Facebook







Charlie and Mike and YOU:     An Oklahoma neighborhood is being terrorized by a 13-foot python  (runs 3:55)…..





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