WSGW Morning Team:   October 19, 2023  (Thursday)

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Saginaw Spirit Hockey is on WSGW 100.5 FM  (and online – choose the local sports stream)

Every Thursday morning after the 7:30am news, Voice of Spirit Hockey Dillon Clark talks with Charlie offering a weekly update of all things Saginaw Spirit, this year your host of the Memorial Cup presented by Dow.   A special guest to hear this morning regarding the “Pink Out” game on Sunday highlight breast cancer awareness.  (runs 11:10)

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New Rocket Grab Plus Launch for YOU…..






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     A new study suggests hitting the snooze button is not a problem, but potentially a benefit for you  (runs 6:50)…..






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     A nun tackles a protestor and it’s captured on video  (runs 2:57)…..

Here is video from a commentator with Australia’s Sky News…..






Charlie and Mike and Art and YOU:     Some specialty ice cream flavors are coming to Walmart for a limited time  (runs 5:05)…..





Charlie and Mike and Art and YOU:     CBS announces it’s Holiday Programming  (runs 2:23)…..





Oct. 18 (UPI) — A sculpture unveiled in New York’s Union Square pays tribute to one of the city’s most famous and enduring urban legends: an alligator in the sewer.

NYC Legend, a sculpture by Swedish artist Alexander Klingspor, was unveiled Tuesday in Union Square and depicts a massive alligator lurking in a New York City sewer.

Klingspor said the statue pays tribute to the enduring legend of a monster alligator living in the city’s sewer, as well as to the resilience of the city itself.

The statue is more than 7 feet tall and weighs more than 3,000 pounds.




Oct. 18 (UPI) — A barbecue in Tennessee came to a premature end when a bear crashed the party and feasted on 10 burgers and a Diet Coke.

TikTok user melmelll7197 posted a video to the site showing what happened when a bear showed up to a backyard barbecue in Gatlinburg.

The bear is seen lifting the lid of the grill and feasting on the 10 burgers cooking inside.

The bruin then washes down its meal by knocking over a can of Diet Coke and drinking from the resulting puddle.

The user wrote the bear “ate our dinner tonight.”






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     Vehicle owners in Southern England are battling foxes eating cables

PHOTO:     Oliver Dixon

Alex Pascal spent £1,200 to put right damage from three fox attacks on his Hyundai Tucson








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Wake Up Song of the Day:     The Doobie Brothers “Black Water“.   Patrick Simmons is 75.    He’s a founding member.   He wrote and sang lead vocals on this song.



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