WSGW Morning Team:   October 17, 2023  (Tuesday)

It’s the WSGW Tuesday Morning Team with YOU and Charlie and Mike –  presented  by Paint Bull in Saginaw…..



Every Tuesday following the 8:30am news on the WSGW Morning Team Show, it’s the “Michigan History Moment”, and this morning, featuring “WWII Japanese Rose Gardeners”  (runs 2:50)…..






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     What are the Fastest Fast Food restaurants for drive-thru service?  (runs 4:23)…..






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     Google has released its list of most searched Halloween costumes for 2023  (runs 7:07)…..






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     Have no fear of running out of candy on Halloween!   The Halloween Rescue Squad is ready to help!  (runs 3:21)…..

Click for Link to the Halloween Rescue Squad







Charlie and Mike and Art and YOU:     If you purchased these specific trash bags, you could reap the reward (don’t get too excited) from a class action lawsuit settlement  (runs 5:19)

Click for link to the Recycling Bags Settlement site






Man Receives Speeding Ticket for $1.4 Million Dollars  (sort of)






Charlie and Mike and Art and YOU:     Dolly Parton has been announced as the halftime performer for the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game  (runs 3:40)…..





Charlie and Mike and YOU:   A 1981 DeLorean is found in a Wisconsin barn with only 977 miles on the odometer  (runs 2:27)…..

Click for Link to story from USA Today  (with pictures)





Man Saves Dog from Kangaroo

A man who saved his dog from a kangaroo attack is now a viral hero on TikTok.   The video shows the man rushing into a river.   He rescues his dog from the wild animal, preventing a drowning.

In the clip, a kangaroo appears to be holding a dog by the neck.   Both are submerged in the water.   They move towards the camera.

As the kangaroo approaches, the man says, “I’m going to punch you f*****g head in. Let my dog go.”

Then, the kangaroo attacks the man.   It appears to lunge, thrashing and clawing at the man.   The video goes black.   Suddenly, all viewers see is water. It sounds like a struggle ensues.   When the camera comes back above water, the kangaroo is standing in the river.   The dog is apparently free.   The kangaroo backs away.   Then, it splashes water at the man and waves its claws in the air again.   The man laughs and curses the kangaroo.

Luckily, by this point, the dog is safely on shore.





Click for Link to story from USA Today of a Giraffe Falling Into a Windshield







Charlie and Mike and Art and YOU:     Sly’s book is out today!  (runs 2:21)…..

IMAGE:     Auwa Books

"Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin): A Memoir" by Sly Stone








The Final Week of the Contest is on NOW!   Contest ends Friday!








New Rocket Grab Plus Launch for YOU to Enjoy a “Family Pack” of 2 Adult Tickets and 2 Children Tickets to Weiss Farms and the Frankenmuth Corn Maze!

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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Gary Puckett and The Union Gap “Lady Willpower“.   Gary is 81 today.


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