WSGW Morning Team:   October 10, 2023  (Tuesday)

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Every Tuesday following the 8:30am news on the WSGW Morning Team Show, it’s the “Michigan History Moment”, and this morning, featuring “Michigan Governors in World War II” (runs 2:45)…..






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     The question is “What do you enjoy more the older you get”?  (runs 7:53)…..





Charlie and Mike and YOU:     Stouffer’s has introduced a frozen meals “advent calendar  (runs 4:21)…..

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PHOTO:    Courtesy of Stouffer’s

<p>Courtesy of Stouffer






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     How long did it take the Procrastinator’s Book Club in Los Angeles to read this book?!?!  (runs 3:17)…..

PHOTO:     Getty Images/Jam Press

James Joyce, writer, with Finnegans Wake also shown







Charlie and Mike and YOU:     Chucky is handcuffed and arrested  (runs 3:00)

A Chucky doll and its owner were arrested in Mexico (Noticias NRT Mexico)




Charlie and Mike and YOU:   A country legend has a new album and new book out  (runs 1:53)…..




Charlie and Mike and YOU:     There could be new Summer Olympic Sports when the Los Angeles games are played in 2028  (runs 4:34)…..




Cows Invade Wisconsin Neighborhood

(UPI)  — Residents of a Wisconsin neighborhood were treated to an unusual sight when a herd of up to four dozen cows came wandering through their cul-de-sac.

Brian McGarry of Port Washington captured video as the cows wandered past homes in the Rolling Hills Estate subdivision while astonished neighbors watched.

Neighbor Mick Maier said the spectacle left him in disbelief.   “We were in our backyard, when the cows came stampeding down the hill, and they were moving because there’s a pretty vertical drop there. And it was like the bulls in Pamplona, or something like that,” he said.

Danielle Santos, who attempted to help wrangle the bovines, estimated there were up to four dozen cows total.   “We would get the cows going one way, and all of a sudden, they’d be like, ‘Ope, whatever, we want to go the other way.’ A third guy jumped in to help and by the time he helped, we were able to keep them in the front here and herd them all the way down the street,” Santos said.

The cows turned out to have escaped from a farm about a half mile away.  Their owner said the cattle managed to escape when someone left a barn door open.   He said all of the cows were returned safely.




Teacher sets record for most consecutive years teaching social studies at one school

split image of paul durietz faculty headshot and holding his gwr certificate










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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Tanya Tucker “Delta Dawn“.   Tanya is 65 today.   This is her first single released at age 13 in 1972.



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