WSGW Morning Team:   March 29, 2023  (Wednesday)

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Charlie and Michael and YOU:     It’s hard to believe, but there is a disagreement between Democrats and Republicans over a tax rollback for Michigan taxpayers  (runs 4:30)…..





Charlie and Michael and Art and YOU:     This is an important date in music history involving parody songs and the Supreme Court  (runs 3:13)…..







Charlie and Michael and YOU:     This meatball has origins going back several thousand years and it could help with the future of food  (runs 4:19)…..

PHOTO:     REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw

A mammoth meatball presented at NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam









Charlie and Michael and YOU:     No, this is not real, this is a fake photo  (runs 3:12)…..

PHOTO:     via Reddit








Oreo Introduces a New, Limited Edition, “Blackout Cake” Cookie

PHOTO:     Oreo





Pepsi updates its logo ahead of 125th anniversary

PHOTO:     PepisCo

Pepsi's new logo, on the right, will replace the one on the left, which has been used since 2008. Products with the new logo will begin appearing in stores this fall.

Link to Video from Pepsi








March 28 (UPI) — A North Carolina animal shelter is trying to find a new home for an unusual pair of bonded animals — a dog and a goat.

The Wake County Animal Center said in a news release that “best friends” Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog were brought to the shelter by City of Raleigh Animal Control on March 13, after their previous owner was no longer able to care for them.

Shelter director Jennifer Federico said staff were surprised to see the bond between the two animals, especially considering how often they had seen the aftermath of dog attacks on goats.

“That’s not a normal combination,” Federico told WTVD-TV. “Usually, we have dogs attacking goats so this is just a very unusual group.”

Federico said Cinnamon is so attached to Felix that she will cry when the two animals are separated.

She said officials are currently looking at rescue options, but will consider adoption by members of the public if a new home isn’t found by March 31.   She said the shelter is determined to find the duo a home together.

 “It’s clear what would be best for their well-being is to keep them together,” she said.

PHOTO:   WakeGov Pets: Wake County Animal Center/Facebook

The Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina said it is looking for a new home for Cinnamon the goat and her "best friend," a dog named Felix. Photo courtesy of WakeGov Pets: Wake County Animal Center/Facebook















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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Blues Traveler “Run-Around“.   Frontman for the group, doing lead vocals and harmonica, John Popper, is 56.



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