WSGW Morning Team:   April 5, 2024  (Friday)

It’s the WSGW Friday Team with YOU and Charlie and Mike and Jonathan –  presented  by Paint Bull in Saginaw…..


Charlie and Mike and Jonathan and YOU:     It’s the Tigers Home Opener today and there are some things you should know if you are heading to Comerica Park this year…..

PHOTO:     Detroit Tigers

Comerica Park







Charlie and Mike and Jonathan and YOU:     Coming to a theater near you, “Bambi:  The Reckoning”…..








Charlie and Mike and Jonathan and YOU:     The annual list of junk found on New Jersey beaches is released.   What’s the weirdest thing you ever found on a beach?!?!






Charlie and Mike and Jonathan and YOU:     Why did this home owner laugh when he discovered how he was robbed by a porch pirate?!?!





Weekend Events and Activities…..





Charlie and Mike and Jonathan and Art and YOU:     Look who has released a “first-ever” book about themselves by themselves…..

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

yellow book cover with black and white photos of the beach boys





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New Rocket Grab Plus Launch for YOU…..






New WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU asking YOUR views on Tipping…..






WSGW, along with our sister station 94.5 The Moose, honor the United States of America with the “Pledge Kid”, presented by Dan Dan the Mattress Man – American Made Furniture!

Each weekday after the 7am news, the WSGW Morning Team with Charlie and Mike and Jonathan will play a recording of the Pledge of Allegiance from a school age kid.

Click the link to find out how to submit your kid reciting the pledge!

Here is the Pledge Kid(s) for April 5, 2024…..

Aiden, 7th Grade, Essexville







WSGW and our Sister Station, 94.5 The Moose, have teamed up with Forward to Honor Teachers…..

Forward Fuels Classrooms:   Vote for Your Favorite Teacher

Each Month, January – May, Listeners can nominate Teachers they believe should be chosen as “Teacher of the Month”

A Teacher will be chosen in a random drawing to win a $100 Gift Card to Forward Convenience Stores

At the end of the school year, the 5 “Teacher of the Month” winners will be placed in a random drawing to Win a Grand Prize…

A Shanty Creek Resort Getaway




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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Blue Swede “Hooked on a Feeling”.   It’s the Friday Flashback Song!   We “Flash Back” in 10-20-30-40-50-60-70 year increments to find Number One Songs at this time that are still remembered today, along with the artists and groups that perform.   Or, Number One Songs that are long forgotten, along with the artists and groups that perform.   In 1974, this band from Sweden hit #1 for 1 week.   The song was originally performed by B.J. Thomas and reached #5 on the chart in 1969.   The Blue Sweded version included the ooga chaka introduction from a 1971 cover by Jonathan King.   The publication Record World said that “the opening hook will have buyers crying for the ‘oogah chugga’ record.”   In 1992, Blue Swede’s recording was featured on the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino’s debut feature Reservoir Dogs.  In 1998, during an episode of the TVseries Ally McBeal, the character of Ally McBeal uses the song to illustrate her biological clock runs out as she imagines a computer generated baby dancing into her bedroom as the song plays.   This became an internet meme.   The 2014 movie Guardians of the Galaxy featured the song.   The song was also featured in the teaser trailer for the 2017 sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.




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