Michigan Sugar has partnered with Westway Feed Products, as a way to use sugar beet byproduct to feed cattle.

Celebrating the joint venture (From Left to Right: Marc Flegenheimer, Michigan Sugar President & CEO; Greg McLean, Westway Feed Director of Starting-Business Development; Zach Giese, Westway Feed Carrollton Plant Manager; Beau Meneley, Westway Feed Vice President of Operations; Mark Moss, Westway Feed Procurement Director; David Flach Westway Feed Michigan Products Salesman. (Photo credit- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

One byproduct of sugar production with sugar beets is beet molasses, and Westway plans to use it in a mixture of liquid cattle feed for the 400,000-plus cows in the region.

Beau Meneley, Vice President of Operations for Westway Feed, said the Tomball, Texas-based company knows moving liquid feed isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so having another branch in a state with as much cattle as Michigan made the partnership with Michigan Sugar an easy decision.

The partnership  between Westway and Michigan Sugar started two to three years ago, but both companies said at this week’s unveiling that they wanted to wait to have physical product to share before celebrating the joint venture.

Westway has already been working in the Michigan Sugar Factory in Carrollton Township, which had been unused since 2005.