Suspected Drug Trafficker Arrested in Flint

Police say a high-level drug trafficker that evaded arrest in 2021 was arrested in Flint on Saturday.

According to Michigan State Police, the Flint Area Narcotigs Group (FANG) executed a search warrant at a residence in Flint and arrested the suspect, who they say was wanted for over 2 years on a multiple-count felony warrant for dangerous drugs.

Police reportedly seized around 7 kilograms of various drugs including fentanyl, cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin, as well as roughly 5 thousand dollars in cash, 2 guns, and a kilo press.

Authorities say the same suspect evaded the court system after FANG executed a search warrant at their home in September 2021.

The investigation is ongoing, and a report will be handed over the the Genesee County Prosecutor’s office once it is complete.