Students Walk Out of Arthur Hill in Support of Suspended Sexual Assault Victim

Students at Arthur Hill High school walked out of class around Noon Today, and led a 2 mile march in support of a student suspended after reporting an alleged sexual assault.

School security and officials tried to prevent the students from leaving, but a fire alarm was pulled and hundreds of students evacuated the building.

Of those hundreds, about three dozen skipped out to march to the Saginaw County courthouse in support of the female student who had been sexually assaulted and then suspended along side the boy who she claims assaulted her.

Superintendent Dr. Ramont Roberts says the matter is still under investigation and the suspensions are normal protocol; but many on social media are calling the matter a case of ‘victim-blaming.’

A petition has been made advocating for the investigation and firing of the Arthur Hill Principle, Vice-Principle, and any other administrators involved in the case’s decision making.

Students on social media say this is not the first time a reported sexual assault case has been blamed on victims by administrators, with another girl saying she was assaulted and told she had “put herself in that position” when reporting it.