Saginaw Police K-9 Sniffs out Suspected Drugs, Aids in Burglary Call

The newest Saginaw Police K9 aided in a drug bust and a reported burglary on Wednesday.

K9 Krixus joined his handler Officer Megan Nelson in June of 2022. On Wednesday, the pair went to help Department of Corrections officers check on an individual on probation. Police say that while they were there, Krixus sniffed out multiple bags containing suspected fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin, as well as two firearms and a large amount of money.

“We’re always ready and willing to help,” said Nelson. “We are the newest K-9 team. We’ve only been on the road together since the end of July last year, so this is a pretty big bust for us.”

Later that evening, the pair was called to a reported burglary at a parked semi truck. Nelson says that she saw a man jump from the truck and begin to run, and that after he refused to stop, she released Krixus. Nelson says that before the dog reached the suspect, he stopped and put his hands up, at which point Nelson gave the command for Krixus to stop. Nelson says that the K9 got within 2 feet of the man, then turned around and came back.

“That’s not an easy thing to do,” said Nelson. “All of our dogs are not [able to]. They just can’t get it into their heads and we practice it, and practice it, and train it.”

Nelson says that while the drug bust was something of a milestone, she’s proud of her four-legged partner for showing restraint.