Saginaw County Commissioner Jim Theisen Resigns

Saginaw County’s district 5 commissioner Jim Theisen has resigned.

Notice of Theisen’s resignation was sent to the county clerk’s office via email Monday.

While Commissioners at this week’s County board meeting said exact residential information and multi-home usage declarations have not been completely shared, the reasoning behind his resignation is similar to that of former commissioner Kathy Dwan- who resigned after moving out of her district one year ago.

Clerk Vanessa Guerra says that similar to Dwan’s resignation, the board will have 30 days to appoint a new commissioner to the district or hold a special election.

Guerra says that anyone interested in the vacant position would only be in the role until November’s election, and would be representing the soon-to-be former district 5 which consists of Thomas, Richland, Jonesfield, and Lakefield townships.