Saginaw Approves $132.4M Budget for FY 2021-22

$132.4 Million dollars- that’s the approximate total of the upcoming year’s budget approved by Saginaw City Council.

Nearly half of that budget is consumed by water and sewer costs, including the city’s lead pipe removal program.

City Council had been looking for residents to speak on the topic during this session, but several technical errors caused some to be dropped from the meeting.

Former City Councilman John Milne was one of the residents who had a chance to successfully speak during the virtual session.

He says he hopes federal funds are able to alleviate some of those costs to taxpayers, but hopes they can also go towards another goal of the city- removing blight.

Another resident called on by Council during the virtual session, Atwin Davis, says investing more in minority-owned local businesses would be a different way to attract revenue.

After further discussion, resolutions were also approved for the 2021/2022 public safety millage funds and for the Downtown Development Authority millage to levy a 2-mill tax on property within the DDA district.