A woman in Midland has been charged with raping a minor after a relationship with an underage male, resulting in the birth of a child.

Aspen Amazi was considered an adult at the time of the charge, but claims she was the one sexually assaulted by the underage partner.

Midland county Chief Assistant Prosecutor Geoffrey Rettig said there wasn’t any evidence of coercion or force between the two.

Reports of the relationship came after the 15 year old boy’s mother contacted Michigan State police last october telling of the sexual relationship with the 18 year old Amazi.

DNA tests indicated the boy is the father of the baby girl, and attorneys filed motions this june seeking custody of the child.

The boy said at a july 15th hearing he did not want Amazi to have any contact with the child.

Amazi has been released on a 50 thousand dollar personal recognizance bond.