Midland Water & Sewer Rates Increasing

Midland residents will be seeing an increase on their water and sewer bills.

A 4% water rate increase and 3% sewage rate increase both come following approval by City council.

Director of Water Services, Peter Schwarz, says the elevation is estimated based on service line size, with the most common type of line in the city seeing a 10¢ increase per 1000 gallons- causing the average bill to be raised by 2 dollars and 60 cents.

The water fund flat-rate, quarterly charge for a 5/8 to 3/4 inch meter service would increase by $1.10 to $39.45, and 1-inch service meters would increase by $1.43 to $51.29.

Flat rate quarterly sewer charges for a customer having a 5/8 to 3/4 inch meter would increase by 74 cents to $52.29, with 1-inch lines increasing by 96¢ to $67.98.

Schwarz adds the move is one made annually to make sure water and sewer funds match those outlined in the approved city budget while allowing room for system capacity improvements.

The changes come as part of both a cost-of-service water and sewer rate study presented to Midland’s 1993 council, as well as projections outlined in the recent water and wastewater five-year working capital plans.