City of Midland Reveals “Name the Plow” Contest Winners

Voting has closed and the results are in for Midland’s first “Name the Plow” contest. More than 300 names were initially submitted, and City Staff selected the top 20 for the community to vote on. With the votes counted, the city held a parade early Monday morning to reveal the winning names.

The winners are:

  • Grace A. Plow (submitted by Darrell Weisenberger and Kent Sypniewski)
  • Clearopathra (submitted by Kelly DeRees)
  • Scoop Dogg (submitted by Jennifer Decker, Natalie Rana, and Melissa Farley)
  • Blizzard Lizard (submitted by Frank Kothbauer)
  • Ron Brrrgandy (submitted by Charlie Ciarkowski)
  • The Big Leplowski (submitted by Chris Lewinski and Melissa Richmond)

Each plow’s name is displayed in black block letters on the left and right sides of the hood. The city says that the trucks are also used as collection equipment for other services, so residents can expect to see them on the roads year-round.