Midland Blooms Season Ending
 After a beautiful display of red petunias all summer, the 32nd Midland Blooms season is coming to an end. The Midland Business Alliance (MBA) and the Midland Blooms Planning Committee  thanks the community for their support and commitment to Midland Blooms.
To showcase the flowers in their best condition and to keep the Eastman Avenue corridor looking its best, the petunias must be pulled before they start to decline. As a result, removal of the petunias will commence after Labor Day, beginning this week.
The MBA partners with the City of Midland to water and weed the flowers throughout the summer months.  Flower removal typically begins in early September because they start to diminish by that time. It becomes a challenge to maintain them in the fall when seasonal workers are no longer available.
“We know that everyone is sad to see the flowers go after they brightened our community all summer,” said Tony Stamas, MBA President and CEO. “But as the seasons begin to change it brings maintenance challenges and the flowers quickly lose their luster.”
The MBA has coordinated the program since its inception more than 30 years ago, with the assistance of a volunteer committee and financially supported by local Foundations and business partners. The program brings community residents together for a volunteer service project planting flowers on both sides of the two-and-a-half-mile corridor of Eastman Avenue in Midland.
From May to early September, Midland Blooms creates a beautiful and welcoming attraction for residents and the many visitors who visit Midlandincluding the thousands of visitors who participated in the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational who may have experienced Midland for the first time in July.
The program typically brings over 500 community residents and businesses together for a one-day volunteer service project planting flowers on Midland’s Eastman Avenue corridor providing community ownership residents can be proud of and a warm welcome to the many visitors who visit Midland.