Four Lakes Taskforce Says Dam Repairs Cheaper Than Expected

Michigan’s Four Lakes taskforce has released updated costs to repair dams affected by last May’s flooding- and they’re lower than expected.

After September’s initial report of $338 million by GEI Consultants, the taskforce has since recalculated needed repairs for the Edenville, Sanford, Smallwood, and Secord dams.

The largest reduction was seen in costs for Edenville and Sanford, now sitting at 121 million and 51 million dollars respectively, down from 208 million and 91 million: saving a combined total of 127 million dollars.

Restoration for the Smallwood and Secord project actually saw an increase, however, with the Smallwood dam needing roughly 4 million more dollars.

With the lower cost estimates, projected property assessments for owners along the Wixom and Sanford Lakes would go down as well.

Plans presented to the public are still on track to restore Secord and Smallwood lakes by 2024, Sanford Lake by 2025, and Wixom Lake by 2026.