Dow, DuPont, Corteva and IFF Workers Unite Globally  

Union leaders representing thousands of workers employed at Dow, DuPont, Corteva and IFF locations from the United States and around the globe met last week in San Antonio, Texas, to discuss  common issues, devise strategies and pledge unity. 

“The workers of Dow, DuPont, Corteva and IFF continue to experience many challenges following the split of  DowDuPont and the ongoing pandemic. The unionized sites of each of these companies around the globe will  be working together to ensure the members’ best interests are represented,” said Kent Holsing, chairperson of  the Dow DuPont North American Labor Council and president of USW Local 12075 in Midland, Mich.  

“Even though the pandemic is impacting employees, corporations don’t stop making decisions and acting in the  best interest of their shareholders. Some of these decisions are not in the best interest of their employees,”  Holsing added. 

The union leaders shared collective bargaining data, identified mutual obstacles and determined potential  solutions over a three-day period.  

The council discussed the difficulties employees at Dow, DuPont, Corteva and IFF experience, including Dow’s  plan to adversely affect retirement security, short-staffing, excessive overtime and increased workplace fatigue, concern over proper training and workplace/community safety. Discussion also included several current and  upcoming contract negotiations, the future of company-union relations and organizing.